About Us – The road to the 3 in 1 power cot.

Paul and Richelle’s journey to the 3 in 1 power cot started when Richelle sustained a high level spinal cord injury after a diving accident in 1989. The resultant Quadriplegia means that she is dependent on her wheelchair for all her mobility, Richelle also has limited upper body movement.

In January 2008 they were expecting their first child, and as the excited parents to be, they started to organise their baby’s nursery.  Paul and Richelle managed to purchase everything they thought was needed for the nursery, except for an accessible cot that Richelle could use without having to rely on help getting baby in and out.  For 3 months they searched for a piece of equipment that would satisfy their needs, and not being able to locate one caused Richelle quite a lot of stress.

The products available at the time looked mostly like sterile pieces of medical equipment or worse still, they looked like cages!   These were not what they would want their child to wake up in every day for the first years of her life.  Finally conceding that enough was enough, Paul decided that he needed to custom design a cot that Richelle could use independently.  After several draft designs they both agreed on a concept, and Richelle was happy with the aesthetic appearance and would be able to use independently whilst in her wheelchair.  Paul made sure that the design looked like an infant cot that would complete their baby’s nursery beautifully. This is when the reality of the ‘original idea of the 3 in 1 Power Cot’ came into being.

With the success that they found with the cot, Paul and Richelle feel that every parent should have access to such a useful and empowering piece of equipment to help them raise their baby.  Since the first prototype they have continued to modify the design of the ‘3 in 1 Power Cot’ to make it more practical, accessible and safe.  The prototype has since been trialed by several families, and the overwhelming response was that it alleviated a lot of the strain of getting baby out of the cot, and how easy it was to use.  One such trial was by Bernadette Nolan, and she has mentioned the cot in her blog at www.worldlywheelchair.com.  They invite you to have a read of her blog and read about parenting her son Jasper using the 3 in 1 power cot.

CuddleFish 3 in 1 Power Cot
Patented in multiple countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States, and other European Countries